Past MPI Mechanic Columns

This web site is maintained by Jeff Squyres, the author of the MPI Mechanic column of the now-defunct ClusterWorld magazine. Its purpose is to provide all the back issues of the column. Since ClusterWorld magazine has merged with Linux Magazine, the MPI Mechanic column is effectively no more. So sad.

However, MPI Mechanic has been replaced by MPI Monkey on the Cluster Monkey web site. All these old columns will be appearing there, along with new content. Woo hoo!

If you can't wait for the content to appear on Cluster Monkey, you can download PDFs of the old MPI Mechanic columns here. I ask that you do not redistribute the PDFs found on this site; they are (and will continue to be) free to download from here. Please direct anyone that wants copies of these columns to this web site: Thanks!

Columns available:

The last issue's cover (sob)
Current Cover